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The Island of Kos like so many of the islands of Greece is as beautiful and tranquil as anywhere you will find on earth. The laid back attitude and casual easy going way of life is part of the dna that makes Kos what it is. 

For many that come to the Island this is the most wonderful part that they seldom get to truly experience and benefit from. 

Simply Kos strives to reveal this amazing serenity and encourage others to see it for what it is by reviewing and introducing ideas and means to get closer to that natural flow here.

Here at Simply Kos we want to share with the world the very best of what Kos Island has to offer.

We use our extensive local knowledge and experience to highlight unique and popular events, activities and sights 

Bringing visitors closer to beauty and charm of the real life that happens day to day on the island through by revealing secrets and knowledge that can turn their holidays into opportunities

Our mission is simple. To aid and assist visitors to the island in discovering wonders they never knew existed

In our view Kos Island offers something for everyone. From families with small children to romantic getaways. Sports & Recreation, Health and Fitness to Weddings and anniversaries. It is among the safest places in Europe and one of the easy going. 

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