All you need is Greece

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All you need is Greece

All you need is Greece and heres why…


All you need is Greece, why? because it has everything you could possibly want and need and its about to get a whole lot better so watch this space carefully. 

Greece's tourism new strategy aims to promote the country as a global and attractive year round destination offering unique and authentic travel experiences in addition to the hugely summer break vacation schedule.


A new vision is being realized and rolled out to widen and expand the unique tourism experience that is Greece. Now visitors will be able to enjoy and see a whole new side to Greece, one that is more relaxed, invigorating and earthy.

The tourism industry is currently undergoing a major strategic improvement initiative and investment, focusing on the expansion of all the internal airports and transportation infrastructure. the focus will be on transforming the traditional “sun & beach” tourist product into a number of higher-value, more focused products in the following areas:

Thematic sun & beach tourism, where specific “themes” such as wellness, health and fitness, romance or luxury are used to add value and to extend the typical sun & beach holidays.

Nautical tourism, both in terms of attracting a larger amount of cruise liners and in terms of extending the offering for yachting/ sailing holidays.

City break tourism focused mainly around the two main cities of Athens and Thessaloniki.

Cultural and religious tourism, upgrading and leveraging the several historical, heritage and religious monuments and museums of Greece.

Medical tourism which presents an exciting growth opportunity, through leveraging the skilled Greek medical personnel combined with investments in existing facilities and infrastructure.

Meetings and Incentives (MICE) tourism positioning Greece as a major meeting and conference center for regional associations and companies.

Sports tourism (e.g. golf, training activities etc.), as tourism experience is increasingly associated with athletic activities, either directly or indirectly.

This particular form of tourism has also proven helpful in terms of developing existing or new tourism destinations, attracting HNWI and eliminating seasonality.

Integrated resorts – holiday housing new developments in existing and new tourism destinations taking advantage of the existing legislation for the development of integrated resorts and for the acquisition of residence permits by non-EU citizens who invest in real estate.

The upgrading of the tourist product is supported by a number of initiatives by the Greek state, the Greek National Tourism Organization, the relevant business associations, and the regional authorities and municipalities, and is considered to be a strategic avenue for growth in the Greek economy. Why Greece Brand Value: Greece has several destinations that are among the core preferences of global tourists, and are internationally recognized as having premium holiday appeal.

Geography and Landscape – From the multitude of sunny islands and beaches to the snowy peaks and forests, Greece offers an unlimited variety of attractive destinations for year-round holidays. History and Culture – More than four millennia of recorded history and an abundance of sites, museums and locations where one can see history unfold before one’s eyes. Established Infrastructure – More than 800,000 hotel beds, more than 500 conference facilities, more than 8,000 yachting births, direct air links from major European airports to a large number of destinations. Greece is ranked 25th among 140 countries in the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) 2019 Travel & Tourism Competitiveness index. Also, in individual indicators, Greece ranks 13th for its health & hygiene, 18th for air transport infrastructure and 18th for tourist service infrastructure.

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