Got questions about Kos? FAQs

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Got questions about Kos Island

FAQs answered

FAQs – We answer your frequently asked questions on all things Kos. If you have any further questions you would like answered then please contact us or drop us a line.

Kos is an amazing place for families. It used to be a party Island but has now dedicated itself to catering for mostly families and couples

Nothing if anything really ever happens here. So yes its totally 100% safe. The Islanders are the best neighborhood organisation in the world and everyone does their bit to keep an eye on things

Generally you will find that prices are very much in line with what you would expect to pay in Europe. But shop around there are always bargains and negotiating to be had

The airport has been completely renovated and expanded in the last year to cater for the 1.5 million tourists that come here every year. We are always improving.

There are many local family run car hire companies with great prices and a wide range of vehicles or if you prefer you can always hire direct from the large corporate well known companies

300 days average of sunshine per year. Temperatures can be 25 degrees well into December and average 30-35 degrees in the Summer. Plenty of nice breeze on Kos too.

Kos is famed for its crystal clear waters. You wont find cleaner more beautiful sea in the whole of Greece

Get out of your Hotel or Apartment for at least one day. Hire a car/quad/buggy and go explore for yourself. other than that horse riding on the beach at sunset, Nisyros Island or Zia for dinner in the evening as our top 3

Kids have to go to the aquatica water parks. So much fun and affordable too. Adults can chill out in the cafe or join in the fun. There are 2 water parks on the Island

Yes Kos Hospital is in the main municipality of Kos.

There many watersports companies on the Island with every kind of watersports you can think of. For more info try here

Maybe not completely strange but sitting in the dark in  thermal springs at Therma Beach at night when there is a full moon is not something you can say you do everyday back at home

There are certainly ways you can reduce the cost of visiting the island by considering renting an apartment all year round and sharing the cost with friends. See our post here

If there's something you would like to ask our team please feel free?

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