How to Hack the Travel Hackers

by Devlin
How to Hack the Travel Hackers
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How to Hack the Travel Hackers and stop them stealing your money

Remember the good old days when all you had to worry about was pickpockets taking your money when you went on holiday?

It seems the Travel Hackers have upped their game and have become far more sophisticated. 

But first what is a hacker? Well simply a ‘hacker' is a person who uses computers to gain unauthorized access to data. That can come from you phone, laptop and even your credit cards and digital wallets if you are in to crypto currencies. Keep reading as we show you How to hack the Travel Hackers easily.

Airports are a hacker’s dream come true: loads of people, especially business travelers and unsuspecting tourists.

With relatively simple electronic devices no bigger than phones that can sit at airports, blend in with the crowds and deploy their programs to detect and steal credit card information as you walk by them or sit next to them. It really is that simple.

RFID Skimming uses radio frequency identification technology to wirelessly intercept RFID chip-based credit, debit and ID information directly from cards or even from your phone, tablet or laptop.

These hackers deploy what is known as   near-field communication-enabled devices to record un-encrypted data from the card or a device's RFID chip to steal card details, such as numbers, expiration dates and card holder names and it only takes seconds to do

Get organised and stay protected with Victorinox

Every time I travel now, I always have a RFID Victorinox travel organizer inside of my bag I even have the carry case for my laptop and phones because they are essentially my life blood, office and tools i rely on everyday.

The Victorinox RFID protection wallet moves between them because it's just such a great companion, holding all of those travel documents and accessories in a sleek premium protective shell that prevents hackers connecting with my credit cards and phone..

I've tried various organisers before i settled on this particular product but those wallet devices tended to feel bulky and cheap and didnt really come with Victorinox reputation for quality and security.

So whereas the smaller, minimal organizers don't offer enough compartments or space to make them truly useful as an all in one. The Victorinox model does, and as a bonus it is a really nice balance of form and function.

Travel Hackers
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Something to get excited over?

You might be thinking it's difficult to get excited over an organizer, but when you see just how powerful this thing is, when you're taking it internationally, traveling from place to place, or just frequently moving around, then it really comes into its own.

Aside from the obvious security protection of my cards and phone the Victorinox portffolio opening gives a nice easy access, a flat out lay so you can see everything in plain sight, crucial when you are in a rush, late for boarding as sometimes i tend to be. And I love the fact that it is designed in a portrait mode, which means it's just handheld friendly and it's made to be carried on the move.

The internal arrangement is really clever, offering a variety of compartments to store just about everything you want. On the move. You'll find no shortage of card slots 13 in total. On the left panel with a zipper pocket for your currency, right behind it, in the middle is a pen holder or stylus, and on the right side you have a transparent pocket for your passport, secured yet visible to know that your passport is inside.

Just behind it is an open, a neat full sleeve to put things like a travel guide book or notepad, and above it are extra slots for your flights or tickets. It pretty much can be your day trip where you have everything that you need and plant all in one space.

From the makers of the original Swiss Army Knife

The build quality is top notch from the zippers to the trims and the edges.

Everything just feels robust and solid just as you would expect from a Swiss made product, and I was really impressed just how premium this felt and durable overall.

The design is really clever too because you'll find that open sleeve and the currency pockets are done inwards and that's on purpose that either allow you to fold the other side behind it to easily grab it.

Additionally if you have it in ‘Folio' mode that everything is pulled out towards the inside and not out, making it more secure and keeping those important documents, especially our cash, safe. Whether I'm traveling internationally or just outfitting it for everyday use.

It's largely the same just how much this can pack if you want to go minimal. This actually is a great option. You can leave your wallet at home just because of the amount of cards and currencies that you can stash it in here.

There is ample room and you can just keep your travel bucket lists or guidebook behind and all the information leaflets that you want to take with you. They fit perfectly in the quick access pocket.

The standard and taller sizes slotting nicely, allowing you to just pack everything in this inside your bag.

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Built by the people that make the Original Swiss Army Knife

Everything is built in mind, and it's not an accident. It was done by design by Victorinox, the dimensions and the portrait mode, making it not only handheld friendly, but also to cater for the things that you'd carry or pick up during the day, from the inside to the outside down to the quality zippers.

Everything about the Victorinox RFID Travel and security protection organizer just feels beautifully crafted. The outside exterior just inspires confidence. And you can rest assured that no matter how far you're traveling and how intense your adventures, this is going to last for many years to come and it does all this with the peace of mind that your most sensitive and valuable data and finances are protected. For me that's just the kind of investment that makes logical sense and worth spending good money on.

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