How to pay less for Kos Activities

by Devlin
How to pay less for Kos Activities

How to pay less for Kos Activities

In this feature we look at how to pay less for Kos Activities. 

We take a look at whats on offer through the major online outlets including the prices and share tips on how and where you can do the same excursions, trips and tours for less money using the very same companies that provide the activities which interest you. 

Support local Businesses

First of all lets start by saying that there is no shortage of great things to do on Kos Island and most of the companies and people that run or co-ordinate them are brilliant people and they work hard at what they do to make your day or chosen tour the best it can be, because that's how people are around here. 

Secondly most of the businesses that run these events are owned by locals who depend on your custom so everything that we suggest here only serves to ensure that they maintain the business, they earn the revenue without losses and you save money which we will demonstrate in this article.

A look at the deals and charges

We've taken a good look at the main tour operators and the online corporate booking portals that offer many of the activities on Kos.

We invite you to look at one of the major companies to get an idea of the sort of things that are being offered right now and what sort of prices to expect. Check it out here

This company charges a standard 20-30% to those people that list on their site. There are also other fee's such as listing fees typically 29 euros per listing and restrictions on the company that offers the activity for example; In addition, local businesses are  required to provide them with the lowest price possible because they don't want to be  undercut or competing with the tour operator or company managing the event. All this at a time when the tourism industry is on its knees looking at these platforms for support. Doesn't seem very fair does it?

Lets compare

So lets take a look at a hugely popular tour, in fact a consistently ranked Tripadvisor travelers choice award winning tour, the Boat Trip to Nisyros Island & Volcano tour.

Personally Nisyros is one of my favorite places on earth and for those that have been there you will know why. According to the online portal prices range between 30 euros and 79 euros and each pretty much includes the return ferry and guided coach tour and takes a whole day. Nisyros is well worth the money but it can be had cheaper by going direct and the locals will still make their money if not more by doing so. 

There are 2 maybe 3 small local companies that operate this particular tour one of those is Enetikon Travel and shipping

A Nisyros family running daily ferries during the season everyday for over 35 years now

As you can see by clicking here the price per adult for a return ferry and guided coach tour to the volcano costs just 20 euros per adult, but if we go back to the online portal the prices are 59 euros per adult – See here

Using Enetikon direct on the price of 2 adult tickets that's a whopping saving of 60 euros, more than enough to have a very lovely full course meal for 2 and a bottle of wine on Nisyros.

So whats the deal here?

So why the huge discrepancy you ask? Well there are some people out there that are promoting themselves as middlemen, acting as tour operators or agents and they are adding their commissions to the final price.  Much like you will find with the holiday company  you booked with provides you with an itinerary on the first day.

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