Kos Island Eco Tourism starts to flourish

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Kos island Eco Tourism is evolving. Greece is especially known for its ancient culture, heritage, iconic historical sites, and delicious local cuisine. As a premier destination for travelers from all over the world, the demand for ecotourism in the country has risen and Greece has done well in accommodating sustainable travel and Kos Island Eco Tourism is no exception.

As a country Greece is not short of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, making preservation a key component in the country’s tourism sector. Cooking with local produce and serving regional wines further contributes to the pride in maintaining traditional, yet eco-friendly agricultural practices. Visit Greece and experience an environmentally conscious holiday where sustainability is an already inherent practice.

Imagine experiencing an idyllic Greek farm with natural olive groves and a big farmhouse kitchen where people gather to cook, eat and drink. A place to be close to the land and local people, delving into the cultural traditions of the region, drinking in the atmosphere and savoring the memories with each wholesome tasty morsel as it passes your palate.


Well it seems that Greece wants to share that vision with you and the timing couldn't be more perfect. Huge amounts of investment by Frauport into modernizing and expanding Greece main airports has increased the need for return on investment after Covid times. The country and company have been looking at ways in which they do this and what exactly does Greece have to offer outside of the summer season vacations that we know and love Greece for. Well the answer is plenty it seems and it should appeal to a great many.  Check out the vision right here

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