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€75 – €150 per person

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7 hours approx

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Lets go diving on Kos and escape to a different world

Ready to try something amazing? So Lets go diving on Kos, this rather special activity is aimed at much as beginners as it is more experienced divers so for those that want to experience something completely new and from an entirely different perspective then this is definitely for you. This maybe just the perfect time to invest in a GoPro camera because you are going to want to treasure these selfies.

A full safety briefing is given and a fully qualified diving instructor will accompany you every splash of the way.

On this activity you can travel light as a wetsuit, mask, fins, and scuba equipment is provided, so you won’t have to worry about bringing heavy gear with you.

The waters around Kos are worldwide renowned for being extremely clear, so you’ll have a great opportunity to see the abundant marine life and again those all important selfies will be spectacular. If you are lucky you may even catch a glimpse or be able to swim the many dolphins in the area.

Lets go diving on Kos - selfie time

Experience the uncommon elements

You will head out on a boat to visit a more tranquil Greek island called Pserimos that’s less touristy than Kos and less traffic. In small groups of no more than 4 with 2 Instructors where you will practice breathing techniques in a completely  safe environment, before getting help to breathe underwater with one of your Instructors.

The selected dive sites remain within the confines of the protected bay for gentle dives at a location where the water is never more than 5-6 meters deep. Those that are more experienced will be shown different areas and locations for exploration. So really there is something for everyone here.

Lets go diving on Kos

The adventure starts here.

This diving adventure is an unforgettable experience packed with fun, amazing scenery and the chance to discover new islands, travel over water and to new depths. You will be immersed in a new world and develop a passion for exploring life as never normally seen before.

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