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Melanopetra Holiday Rental, a romantic hideaway

Its not often that we are lost for words to describe even the most exceptional properties but this one might just be the exception. Perhaps it maybe easier to list superlatives and just to invite you to gaze at the images?

Melanopetra is a one bedroom traditional villa that offers unrivalled sea views across the Aegean.

Melanopetra Holiday Rental

Melanopetra Holiday Rental must be seen to be believed

This property is divided into two amazing apartment. The lower level apartment  consists of 1 bedroom, 1 bath, kitchen, lounge with outdoor terrace and patio and never ending sea views. Perched half way up the side of Nisyros Volcano and facing north back across to Kos Island its hard to imagine a more romantic location for those hot summer evenings

This is a property that inspires and attracts artists, musicians d and poets alike

Melanopetra is a the kind of property you couldn't imagine but once seeing it it opens up your mind to all sorts of possibilities even the original property description is poetry have a read…..

‘Melanopetra combines modern minimalist design with the eternal aesthetics of local architecture to create a harmonic whole with high standard services in a warm manner that reflects traditional hospitality.


Vintage ergonomic design

The villa delivers unpretentious style and homely comfort, in a context that retains the distinctiveness of the authentic. Emerging from the rocky volcanic landscape the villa is a small paradise in itself, exuding subtle luxury, eternal elegance and authentic ambiance.

Its privileged location in a truly original environment with the breathtaking view of the Aegean sea and the volcanic aura, create a truly unique atmosphere around the villa, seemingly untouched by time. The emanating serenity and the offering warm hospitality contribute to its simple charm, in a landscape of natural Aegean Sea beauty'

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